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5 Women Who Could Be The Next Ines Sainz

September 29, 2010 1 comment

Unless you’ve spent the last couple of weeks or so living under a rock – on Mars – you’ve probably heard more than enough about the whole situation concerning a lovely sports reporter (of sorts) for TV Azteca and one New York Jets football organization. So we’re not going to rehash all of that. But it got me thinking – concerning the amount of attractive ladies prowling the sidelines and locker rooms these days, many of whom with…let’s say “questionable” credentials, how long can it really be before something like this happens again? Or, more likely, how long before the media takes a relatively innocuous occurance on a slow news day and spins it into a huge issue, but that’s a different conversation entirely.

Anyway, here are five women who seem like they’re primed to be standing in the middle of a group of testosterone-soaked athletes in tight clothing  in a locker room and be absolutely shocked that someone had something to say:

Federica Fontana

Putting this list together was actually a good deal tougher than I first thought. I mean, I don’t know about you, but when I see that picture, I think “professional.”

OK, so that’s pretty bad, but hey, she’s hot and she knows it; there’s nothing wrong with that. And besides, it’s not like this woman has no credits to her name. She’s hosted or starred in numerous shows, including Slurpiamo, Volevo Salutare, and Scatafascio (none of which were about odd sexual fetishes, despite those titles)! She’s spent years working with the Series Italian A soccer championships! If she sexed it up during a photo shoot once upon a time, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s using her looks in absentia of any actual journalistic ethos…

Hmm. Well, at least Italian soccer fans have something nice to look at, after watching their national team go down in flames during the last World Cup.

Simona Patruleasa

Wait…she’s from Romania? Seriously? That can’t be right; from what I’ve been told, Romania sucks ass.

Apparently I’ve been lied to. In any case, the lovely Simona Patruleasa appears to be the real deal at first glance: a law school graduate and former primary school teacher, she sent in a headshot on a whim during what appears to be an open audition for a position at a second-tier Romanian network (because apparently that’s how people get jobs in broadcast journalism), and eventually accepted a job with Antena 1. Sounds legit, right? Only one problem; notice how I said nothing about any journalism training? That’s not to say that automatically precludes her from being able to do the job, but I get the feeling that what we’re seeing is an attractive woman who may want to do the work, but is just smart enough to realize that it was that same attractiveness, not any sort of journalistic ability, that both got her the job and keeps her employed. Which might help explain why, despite claims of professionalism, she’s still doing stuff like this:

Just in case you didn’t quite grasp what she’s doing:

Sara Carbonero

Adorable, isn’t she? Voted “Sexiest Reporter In The World” by FHM in 2009, this presenter for Spanish TV channel Telecinco is also known for dating the goalkeeper for the Spanish national team, Iker Casillas. Which led to an amazingly cold-blooded moment during the 2010 World Cup, when Carbonero asked Casillas several painfully pointed questions, such as “How could you muck that up?” So I guess it was only fitting when Spanish fans turned on the 25-year-old next, blaming her for distracting Casillas during the game by standing directly behind his net. I happen to feel like that’s a fair point:

Plus, her name sounds delicious:

Leeann Tweeden

A former Hooters girl that modeled for Playboy, Frederick’s of Hollywood and Venus International, and parlayed that into a spot on Best Damn Sports Show Period? Yep – that’ll qualify. Granted, she’s currently hosting Poker After Dark, which would seem to significantly lessen the chances of some sort of media-friendly political incorrectness, but considering the fact that technically you can get drunk during poker tournaments…

Jennifer Hedger

OK, so this is a little bit of a cheat: by all accounts, the TSN broadcaster (the blonde on the left with the ridiculous tongue) has been nothing but professional during her career, and the distinct lack of semi-slutty pics only attests to that. And yes, the above video was during her time on a Canadian Real World knockoff, but come on. That is totally hot.