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I Love The Internet (pt. 27)

September 27, 2010 Leave a comment

– Move over Kerri Strug; we have a new female heroine of Olympic perseverance.

– Is this a bookstore, or…heaven?

– I was all set to be good and sick of Sacha Baron Cohen, but then Graham King and Tim Headington had to go and give him the lead role in an upcoming biopic about the late great Freddie Mercury (one of the all-time great rock names, incidentally).

– Because if there’s anyone I want realizing¬†man’s first contact with a species not of Earth, it’s a man who once wrote “Happiness is the most insidious prison of all.” That wasn’t sarcasm, by the way – I’m deadly serious.

– In case anyone felt like being horribly depressed today.

– So…does this mean that “Ramon” Flowers and “Rex” Richter hooked up? Because that is decidedly less hot than two girls getting together.

– This is the angriest homosexual I have ever seen. Maybe he’d be in a better mood if he lived here; I know I would.

– I never actually saw this remake, but I’m telling you this is absolute and complete horseshit. Velma hooking up with Shaggy behind Scooby’s back, and then trying to get between the two friends? Blasphemy! The fact that it even made it to ten episodes seriously bugs me.

– Huh; I had no idea Grand Theft Auto had one of those LEGO versions made. Oh, and speaking of which, THC-infused ice cream, California? Really? I swear, the siren song of the Golden Coast gets stronger every day…

– You know how every guy has a couple of women on their “list” that they would absolutely smash, but don’t necessarily want anyone to know that about them? For me, one of those women is “model” Coco.

– This honestly makes me smile.

– “Hmmm..the room looks ‘OK’, I guess. You know what would really tie it all together? A giant sleeping bag/sofa/burrito/vagina.”

– Well, damn. I guess nobody parties like Russian kite surfers.

– Why Luigi is truly the bad-ass in the family.

– Holy shit. From the sounds of this report, Mexico is about to completely explode. Man, I don’t even have a joke for that; that is some serious shit.

-I hate, repeat hate slideshows, but for the 50 hottest Hawaiian women? I’ll gladly make an exception.

– Wait; Grant Morrison’s writing a Watchmen knockoff and a psychedelic Western indie? Um…hey, if anyone can make it work, it’s Morrison, right? Right?

– Few would have guessed he’d grow up to be Gandalf AND Magneto.

– SCIENCE BOMB! A slate of upcoming particle physics experiments, for the apocalypse-minded man who still keeps an eye on his schedule; the story of a star that said “fuck you” to the usual astronomic conventions; apparently what we consider the “laws” of physics are just regional statutes, at best; and last, it turns out we know fuck-all about gravity.

– Normally I’ve got nothing but sneers for NASCAR, but if it gets you a wife like Samantha Sarcinella, hell, I’ll gladly drive in a circle for five or six hours.

– As far as I’m concerned, OK Go are officially trying too hard:

– This is just cheesy and over-the-top enough that it’s perfect:

– New rule: from now on, all action movie previews must be done a capella:


I Love The Internet (pt. 18)

January 9, 2010 Leave a comment

Flexibility: it’s almost never, ever overrated.

– Christ. Look, I accept that this is essentially a nation composed of obese weapon fanatics, so the idea of a company that sells chocolate guns strikes me less a preposterous joke, than a great business idea. But chocolate ammo? Chocolate grenades? Really?

– I remember hearing about these Seth McFarlane-designed Alice in Wonderland figurines, but I never got to see the finished products until now, and…holy shit. Incidentally, for those of you who think I’m talking about the Family Guy writer, I’m talking about the guy who made things like this.

– In this crazy world of instant worldwide internet saturation, I am eternally grateful for the simple fact that a lot of hot girls don’t seem to realize that taking a sexy picture of yourself and put it on Facebook or MySpace doesn’t so much lead to that cute guy that lives a few houses down noticing you as much as it leads to random websites archiving your “private” pictures.

– It’s a known, but little-discussed fact that movies change a ton during the process from idea to full-fledged project, and the interesting tweaks that occur grow in stature when you’re talking about Avatar, a film that’s maybe two months old but is already the second-highest grossing movie of all time. Side note: I agree with this blogger when he says that this treatment might have made a “better” movie than what we eventually got.

Mark Millar is one of the most prolific comic writers of the last decade or so, overseeing acts such as turning Superman into a dedicated commie, turning Wolverine into essentially a mind-controlled zombie ninja, and tearing apart the Marvel Universe, just to name a few. But when he says his newest work, Nemesis, can be described as…well, I’ll just let him describe it:

‘”Nemesis” is a reversal of the Bruce Wayne or Tony Stark archetype. What if this genius billionaire was just this total shit, and the only thing that stood between him and a city was the cops? It’s Batman versus Commissioner Gordon, in a weird way. Or maybe a super-villain version of “Se7en.” A billionaire anarchist up against ordinary people. The Joker’s the best thing in the Batman movies, so this guy is a bit of an amalgamation of all the stuff we like.’

Sure, Batman as the Joker seems like a good idea, but everyone knows DC won’t let that fly, so how close could it really be…

Well then. Note – DC is not amused.

– Are the citizens of Dubai incapable of showing even a modicum of simplicity in their architecture?

– I have some friends who don’t really like Michael Cera, because in their words “he plays the same character in every movie.” Um…just about every actor plays the same character in every movie, right? But I’ve been excited about the upcoming movie adaptation of fantastic indie comic “Scott Pilgrim”, Scott Pilgrim vs. the World, and this still from the last fight scene between Pilgrim and his nemesis Gideon’s cronies just has me even more excited.

– Out of all the hip-hop video vixens that have “blown up” over the years (Melissa Ford, Vida Guerra, Ki Toy Johnson, Gloria Velez, etc.), it is still absolutely insane that the painfully fine Nicole Ricca still gets almost zero recognition.

– Some people might say that this flamethrower/mosquito killer is total overkill. As a native Floridian, my only response is, “Why isn’t this in stores yet?”

– Did you know that with maybe five minutes of work, you can hack into your friend’s Kodak Easyshare Wireless Picture Frame? If you’re wondering why you would even want to do something like that, well…you’ve never pulled a prank on someone, have you?

– “Thou speakest rightly, sir. No man misdeals with Joshua Quince, by Jesu!” Verily, brothers and sisters, the most excellent comedie and tragic romance of Two Gentleman of Lebowski is as a drought of the most delectable heavenly nectar.

– Iron Man’s new armor is sick as fuck. That is all.

– Indie games! Thanks to Boing Boing for this guide to the 2010 Indie Games Festival; my personal favorite so far is Today I Die. Go check it out.

-People (mostly foreigners) always talk about how, despite large amounts of evidence to the contrary, Americans act like everything about our country trumps everything about every other country in the world, throughout time. Well, that’s just plain not true. My proof? The fact that any red-blooded American man will fucking melt if you throw an attractive foreign girl his way, as this list of the top 15 countries with the hottest women will attest.

– The Perplexus looks like a freakish mix between an M.C. Escher drawing, a pinball game and a couple of hits of LSD. I’m sure it goes without saying that I absolutely love it.

– I don’t care if you don’t give a shit about architecture or CGI; you need to watch this absolutely breathtaking movie by the Third and the Seventh on the aspect of architectural art from a photographic viewpoint