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I Love The Internet (Video Edition p2)

– It’s always nice starting a post off with a couple of cougars. Or are they pumas? MILFS? OK, so is there a term that everyone uses to describe hot older women? You know what; it doesn’t matter. Here’s Elle MacPherson, who’s 46:

and Stacey Dash, clocking in at a blazing 44 y.o. and looking like she just stepped off the set of “Clueless”. Just go ahead and fast-forward to about the 1:45 mark & do your best to ignore the former CO next to her:

– There’s going above and beyond your job description…and then there’s this guy. So so SO NSFW:

– HELL FUCKING YES IT’S THE GOON!!! A scarred behemoth and his psychopath friend running a protection racket in a Prohibition-style town full of zombies, gypsies, monsters and surrounded by a freaky-ass forest? Hurry out and come out already!!!:

– Well, Jacqui Ainsley just made my short list of “Women to Watch in 2011.” Interesting side note – she voiced Madison in the awesome video game Heavy Rain:

– If DC Universe Online is anywhere near as badass as this epic trailer suggests, I say to hell with the game; scrap the whole thing and just make this a movie already:

– So apparently someone at G4 had a hell of a brainwave, and got Warren Ellis(!) to write four Marvel-based anime serials that are going to air in 2011; Iron Man, X-Men, Wolverine and Blade. In light of this, here is a minute of undistilled-awesomeness from Iron Man:

– I’m not 100% sure how I feel about the whole “Gamer Girlz” culture that’s popping up (more on that in the future), but there is absolutely no confusion concerning my feelings toward this lovely guest host that goes by the name of Danielle; yowza! Excuse me whilst I go catch my breath:

– Y’know, TV used to be really, really cool. Especially in the 70’s…pretty sure you couldn’t get away with underage girls simulating oral sex on television these days:

– Eight minutes of a ton of dancers from various old movies doing their thing over a chopped-up Beatles song. YOU’RE WELCOME:

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