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I Love The Internet (pt. 22)

– Mark it down: 2010 is the year of the zombies, and these Street Fighter pics are just the tip of the iceberg.

– Bruce Lee v. Iron Man. This. Is. EPIC.

– Megan Fox certainly knows how to keep people’s interests, and it’s definitely not her acting talents.

– I would’ve added “Dark Claw”, but this list of Wolverine’s ten worst moments is still pretty good.

– Hey, remember that giant real-life Gundam from almost a year back? Well, it’s back, and this time it’s got a beam saber. EVERYONE PANIC!!!

Dog Heaven.

– Thank you, Greg Manchess, for this incredible picture of one of the best, bloodiest moments in fantasy literature, the battle of Dumai’s Wells from Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series.

– These interactive political polls are always interesting to me, mainly because I’m always more progressive than I would imagine.

– There are bad porno-type sex scenes, and there’s bad monster movies, but when the two meet, that’s when you get something special.

– At least someone has their priorities in order.

– For browser early adopters like myself, this trick to update your add-ons is absolutely clutch.

– There’s never a bad time for Mila Kunis pics.

– When you wanna grow marijuana, but you don’t want anyone to know, the Stealth Box is invaluable.

– OK, so…is this girl a douchebagette or not? I’m torn…

– Hell, yes – this list of secret menu items at 24 different fast-food type restaurants has changed my life.

– Goddamnit, people – I love Guitar Hero as much as the next person, but if your controller has strings, JUST LEARN HOW TO PLAY AN ACTUAL GUITAR. Trust me, women are far more impressed by actual talent than video-game talent, and yes, there is a difference.

– Heh; explosions are cool.

– HAH! I ask you, though: how did he not see the sign?

– Why couldn’t I have gone to a cool school like this when I was a kid?

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