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I Love The Internet (VIDEO EDITION)

You want to start a post off right? You lead off with a snowball fight between Lara Croft & Slave Leia. Incidentally, in case you’d like to check out some pictures of the gorgeous Karima Adebibe, who has “officially” portrayed everyone’s favorite Tomb Raider since 2006, you can find some here and here:

Why is it that the good movies seem to constantly fly under the radar these days? ? First there was the excellent animated zombie flick A.D., and now we have After.life, starring Christina Ricci as a young girl held prisoner by Liam Neeson, who isn’t sure if she’s alive or dead:

Oh look, another good-looking film that’s gotten no press! Figures. In any case, Project: Arbiter is a short sci-fi film about a one-man suicide mission in WWII by an Allied soldier wearing an experimental suit that turns him invisible. Incidentally, it’s also looking for donations:

Sometimes it doesn’t take a whole lot to become internet-famous: just a sweet ass and a love of video games. Thank you, Tahiticora (she’s a stockbroker too!!):

You’ve come a long way since “Lizzie McGuire”, Hilary Duff:

I truly hope this technology starts showing up at parties and whatnot, if only to see the shocked looks on the faces of acid-washed rave goers as they watch these ghostly severed heads construct an electronic tune. People still go to raves, right?

So the machine shocks you when you’re concentrating and when you’re concentrating on not concentrating? (Imitates Mr. Burns)…excellent…also, bonus points for including instructions on building a torture device yourself:

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