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Nicki Minaj Is Way Overrated

There – I said it.

Someone had to.  For any number of reasons, the fact that there’s a rich history of female MC’ing in hip-hop is barely, if ever mentioned. Remember Queen Latifah? How about MC Lyte? Da Brat? Hell, even Roxanne Shonte. Talented wordsmiths capable of writing thought-provoking rhymes or battling in the verbal gutter that just happened to be women. But these days, it seems like that’s not particularly what people want.

Granted, you could easily make the argument that Minaj isn’t trying to follow in Latifah’s footsteps. Hopefully the above picture makes it pretty obvious that Nicki’s spent the last couple of years training at the Lil’ Kim School of Getting Niggas Open Via Their Wallet, but here’s the thing. It’s pretty much common knowledge (at least in hip-hop circles) that early on in Kim’s career – arguably the time in which she did her best work – Biggie Smalls was writing most, if not all of her rhymes. Despite the fact that it sounds like Lil’ Wayne writes most of her stuff, Minaj ostensibly writes all her own stuff.  And seeing as how the whole point of all this is to be a great MC, that ends up being the big difference. Take a listen to this:

I know people are gonna say, “Oh, you’re just a hater,” and “That’s just your opinion,” but c’mon – that was awful. For real. “These bitches so cranky/Give ’em a hanky/Mo-Mommy I’m cold/Gimme a blankie”? That’s embarrassing if you’re using it as a throwaway rhyme. She was not. And everyone loves this girl, and they’re saying she’s gonna be the next big female rapper!

Look, I have no problem if in certain fields an admittedly attractive (at times) woman wants to use their good looks as a springboard to success. Maybe that makes me sexist to some degree – I prefer to think of myself as a realist – but that’s just how I feel. But give me a break; she’s supposed to be the new vanguard of female hip-hop?

That particular clip, where Minaj is “going hard”, so to speak, on imprisoned rapper Remy Ma, brings me to my final point – it’s not as though there aren’t any good female rappers in the game right now. Do yourself a favor and go find some Jean Grae songs (bonus points for the X-Men reference); in terms of pure rhyming, you could make an argument for Grae as a top 20 rapper in the game right now, men and women. I don’t think anyone would make that argument for Nicki. The problem is the Harajuku Barbie throws her tits in people’s faces and sucks (no pun intended…actually, neither pun intended, now that I think about it) all the air out of the room. Too bad.

  1. Candee
    December 14, 2011 at 10:45 pm

    I agree, Nicki Minaj is 100% overrated.
    Her rhymes are embarrassing, and for the most part don’t even make sense!
    People saying that she’s the biggest/best thing out now are wack, she is one of the worse.
    While Biggie may have written a lot of Lil’ Kim’s stuff early on in her career, her overall rawness and the way she delivered it shits all over Minaj. She’s a gimmick that is showing just how much music has changed since the 80 & 90’s…for the worse!

  2. remi
    April 5, 2012 at 11:37 pm

    Finally someone who is on the same page as me! I Love this article! No better words could’ve been spoken.

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