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I Love The Internet (pt. 17)

– Welcome to 2010, everyone! Marissa Miller says hello too.
– This montage/collage/whatever of just about every major Greek myth would make a fantastic poster; no doubt about it.
– I’m honestly torn about whether or not I should actually care about President Obama hiring his first transsexual.
– I want you to take a good look at this man:
Likes to play the ponies
This is the face of a guy who is hooked on horse pussy. Yeah.
– The Tartarus of sand sculptures.
– For all you art fans out there, Boston authorities may have found a new Leonarda da Vinci painting; Dan Brown’s already on the scene.
– Taking over for Miss Miller, here’s Laura Leigh to help us keep the new year going on the right track.
– See, I love Lifehacker because there’s a ton of practical stuff on it. For example, this list of six easy-to-learn kitchen skills – it’s the type of thing that only takes five minutes to read, but comes in handy every day.
– I have absolutely no idea who Monika Kis is, but wow…wow.
– As the man who made concept designs for the original Star Wars movies, John Berkey is a god in certain geek circles, which makes this collection he did of potential cities of the future such a ridiculously sweet find.
– As someone with slightly more than a passing interest in technology, a list of the 9 coolest hacks of 2009 is something akin to a person watching “Faces of Death“, or something of that nature.
– How is there not a L4D Scooby-Doo mod? Seriously?
– If I can ask for one thing this year, can we as a society please cut down on the sex scandals? Yes, they’re amusing, but it doesn’t exactly inspire confidence in those who are supposed to be our “leaders.”
– To paraphrase an old saying, you won’t get where you want to go if you don’t know where you’ve been. With that in mind, here’s 66 Women Who Wowed in 2009 to help us take a look back, or just for the sake of variety, a 2009 Celebrity Bikini Recap; on the other side of the coin, the 10 Hottest Women To Watch in 2010 (Yes, it’s a slideshow; you’ll live).
– I know, I know, but one more list, I swear. Besides, are you honestly saying you don’t want to see what the 20 most anticipated movies of 2010 are?
– Over the last few years, I’ve become a fan of DJ Earworm’s annual “United States of Pop” mash-up, where he takes the top 25 pop hits of the year and…well, mashes them together into a new song; you’d be surprised what you find out about yearly trends from listening to it. In 2009’s “Blame It On The Pop” (download here)? Seems like a whole lot of denial going on…

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