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I Love The Internet (pt. 16)

– The concept of representing the World Cup draw with women from their respective countries has pretty much gone from a one-time clever idea to a bit of a tradition over the last few years, but you’ll get no complaints from me.
– Got a couple of days to kill? Do yourself a favor and read this collection of every Calvin & Hobbes strip ever made.
– Harrison Ford + Jewfro = The highest of comedy.
– First Superbad, then news that he would be starring in the upcoming movie version of the badass Mark Millar/John Romita Jr. graphic novel “Kick-Ass”, and now this…it’s looking more and more likely that McLovin’ may be one of the coolest “new” faces in Hollywood.
– I like iPhones. I like hot girls. Only seems to reason that something like this would capture my interest, right?
– Let me just say, if you’re such an egotistical jackass that you feel the need to sign up to a site called “I Just Made Love!” so people all over the world can see that you just got laid, it’s entirely unfair that you are getting lucky. Seriously.
– For the most part, I agree with this list of the 20 best graphic novels of the decade, but there’s two choices I have an issue with: Jimmy Corrigan and Pedro & Me. I just don’t like them, and more than that, I don’t know anyone who’s read them; can’t say that about any of the other selections.
– Is it just me, or does it seem like it’s been forever since we were blessed with some pictures of Keeley Hazell? Maybe that’s just here in the States, but in any case, here’s over 12 pages of pictures of the top-heavy temptress. You’re welcome.
– The Lamborghini Anknoian. No…words; should’ve…sent…a poet.
– In this world of ours, there’s all sorts of crazy, from “I wear tinfoil to keep the aliens from reading my thoughts” crazy to “If I kill twelve people than Jesus Christ will accept me as his personal savior” crazy. Then there’s shutting down the power at a hospital for 45 minutes because you think you’re inside a video game crazy.
– Out of this list of the 20 best stoner films, I happen to own 17. Weird coincidence, huh?
– Ah, Olivia Munn. I got no snappy comments here; she’s just my dream girl, plain and simple.
– This graphic that shows where the highest amount of fit/single men/women are is pretty neat, but really, there’s a difference between “fit” and “attractive”. Harsh but true.
– Whenever they construct the Hip-Hop Asses of Fame complex, Vida Guerra is going to be a first-ballot shoe-in, you mark my words.
– It’s nice to know that in a world where everything from technology to news to funny internet videos are outdated the instant you get them, the freakin’ Muppets are still going strong after all these years:

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