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I Love The Internet (pt. 15)

– Like a ton of other people, when I was a kid I collected sports cards; basketball, more than any other sport. But I never saw anything like the cards GRANDBigBird came up with that combine basketball icons with “King of Fighters” title screens, of all things. Hilarious.
– Hear ye, hear ye! Merely enter your name upon the digital scroll of Make Me Mighty, for your title to be altered to an appropriately legendary office more fitting of your ineffable station!
– I don’t know if anyone else has noticed, but over the last decade or two the US Army has taken more and more of its cues from the video game industry. The newest addition? Smart armor that gives you a readout on how damaged it is, a la Halo (or really, any FPS ever).
– Nice trick; now let’s see you chug that beer.
– I have been to a shit-ton of weddings in my time, and I honestly can not remember a single detail of any of the bride’s wedding dresses at all. Had I seen this one, that fact would not be true. Yowza.
Irvin Rosenfield, you are my hero.
– Oh – oh these are so cool. I mean, I know it’s not difficult to create something cool out of Mortal Kombat, but these original drawings from a scrapped “reset” project…so cool.
– I know a real-life Wall-E seems like a good idea at first, but what about job security for garbagemen, and potential unit theft, and…who am I kidding; this is awesome.
– As far as flesh parades go, the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show might be rivaled only by Rio de Janerio’s Carneval.
– In 1975, famed sci-fi cover artist Chris Foss was picked to create a series of conceptual sketches for a planned film version of Frank Herbert’s seminal series ‘Dune’. The movie ended up falling apart, but the sketches are still available for sale, and they are fucking gorgeous, my personal favorite being the Harkonnen Flagship (which looks remarkably similar to a preposterously elaborate bong).
– It’s amazing, but you take a girl who’s on the wrong side of the attractive Mendoza line, throw her in a Princess Leia slave girl outfit, and a guy’ll at least take a second look. It’s a scientific fact.
– Oh. My. God. This is…why? How much money did this company spend to create the world’s most advanced robot vagina? Look, a little blurb by me isn’t going to do this thing justice, so just go to the site and check this ridiculousness out. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.
– This is pretty cool: stereomood claims to be able to tailor a streaming playlist for you according to your mood, and you know what? It’s actually pretty accurate.
– One of the crazy things about living on your own as a guy is finding new uses for supposedly specialized devices. Example: in the last few days, I have seen waffle iron recipes ranging from pizza pockets to bacon and 90-second cookies.
– So Peter Jackson (he of Lord of the Rings fame) and Neil Blomkamp, the guy who wrote District 9, were working on a Halo movie in 2002 when various studio/funding issues caused the whole project to get dropped. Which was stupid, in my opinion, because a well-executed Halo movie would be an easy choice for biggest movie of the year, but whatever. On the plus side, even though the movie got shelved, an 8-minute short film was used as a sort of extended commercial, and here it is in all its glory:

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