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Megan Fox = Catwoman?

Let me just say, before I get started, that this move, if it’s true, makes absolutely no sense on multiple levels.
Is Megan Fox hot? Yes, of course (even with the freaky toe-thumbs). Would she look ridiculously hot slinking around dirty Gotham City rooftops in a skintight leather outfit with a bullwhip? Naturally. Is she a good fit for the Christopher Nolan franchise? Good God, no.
Look, it’s not exactly news that Fox isn’t exactly the next Meryl Streep, so I’m not going to waste your time having you read a post that incessantly bashes her. But the truth is that she’s a pretty weak actress, at least at this point in her career, and putting her up against people with actual talent, like Christian Bale and Gary Oldman, is only going to make her performance seem even poorer by comparison.

Then there’s the Maggie Gyllenhaal situation. What I mean by that, is that when Aaron Eckhart and Gyllenhall signed on for the Batman franchise, they both signed on for two movies. After watching “The Dark Knight”, I was convinced that Nolan was planning to have Gyllenhaal come back as Catwoman in the final film. Does this mean that he’s planning a different role for Gyllenhaal? Or is she getting the boot in an attempt to get the final Bat-film some sexy star power?
And does it even need another “big name”? DK was one of the biggest films of the decade – arguably the best film of the decade – and you want to screw up your chemistry by adding an actress with one of the sharpest love/hate demarcations in all of fandom?
Having said all that…I don’t think this is gonna happen. Too many people are against it, for one; granted, the news just broke, but if this guy and this fellow nerd here are any indication, I don’t think Warner Bros. would take any chances with their certain cash cow.

**UPDATE** Apparently Warner Bros. has completely shot down all rumors that Fox will be in Batman 3, saying that there isn’t even a script. Probably for the best…

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