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I Love The Internet (p. 12)

– Two of my all-time heroes are Nikola Tesla and Mark Twain, and yet I had no idea that Twain ever visited Tesla’s lab, much less had a picture taken. If anyone knows a place that does custom posters, I’d be glad to hear it, because I really want to make a giant poster of this.
This too.
– Gentleman, start your arguments…it’s the 10 hottest girls from Tarantino flicks!
– When I was a kid, like many others my age the Indiana Jones movies made we wanna become an archeologist, since it was a job that apparently consisted of beating up Nazis and finding crazy lost artifacts. Then I got older, and realized archeology is really a field that consists of a shitload of tedium and bookwork, where your chances of actually making a name for yourself are incredibly slim. Plus, I was stupid enough to think to myself, “Well, all the good stuff’s probably been found already.” Turns out I was wrong. Really, really wrong.
– “We had some Australians; they stayed here for four days. They would take turns sleeping and the only time they left was to go to the ATM.” Only in Bolivia could you have a fucking cocaine bar.
– Speaking of cocaine, a small town in New Jersey is apparently thinking of instituting a curfew…for adults. Hah! Yeah, that’ll go over great, especially in New Jersey, home of the classiest, politest, most God-fearingist people in the US.
Gabrielle Union in a bikini. That is all.
– Fuck Adam West, Michael Keaton, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, and yes, even Christian Bale – the one and only true Batman is Kermit the Frog.
– To all the ladies, out there…look, it’s an uncomfortable truth (no pun intended), but if you let a guy slide into fifth base even once, then odds are it’s gonna happen again. Don’t believe me? Here – I’ll let imgross explain.
– Jesus. Maybe I’m exceptionally egotistical or something, but in my zombie post I took a HUGE shit on the Twilight phenomenon, thinking that everyone was getting a little tired of rogue runway zombies. So of course, what do I find surfing the interwebs, but a goddamn Twilight dildo, complete with fucking glitter. Glitter! Un-fucking-believable. And by the way, telling potential buyers to “toss it in the fridge for that authentic experience”? Really, really gross.
– These…these aren’t even bongs. This is what Predator would smoke out of.
– When I was a kid, the majority of adults around me couldn’t even figure out how to get their VCR’s to properly display the time. Now we have coffee tables that let you control your entire house. Have I mentioned how much I love living in the future?
– This article about the Immersive Dome can get a little wordy, but this quote sums it up pretty well – “Imagine that you are sitting in the middle of a lava lamp. You are surrounded by flowing, larger-than-life-sized sculptures, and you are in complete weightlessness. As befitting these amorphous forms, spherical sounds emanate that adapt to the movements of the fluid sculptures within the space. In the dome cinema of tomorrow, visitors will embrace entirely new visual and acoustic impressions.”
– As an occasional tennis fan, it’s impossible for me to feel bad for Andy Roddick. Sure, he keeps getting beaten by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, and he constantly has sports journalists calling him overrated, but his wife is Brooklyn Decker. That makes up for a lot.
– Star Wars dance off bitches!!!

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