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I Love The Internet (p. 11)

– You know, I’m not really a car person; as long as it’s got 4 wheels and a working AC, I’m good. But this…it isn’t even a car and I want it.
– The most in-depth, comprehensive picture of the universe ever taken. Yeah, you can zoom in too.
– Cheese, bacon, lettuce, three patties, a whole egg and I’m not sure but I think some tuna salad to boot – McDonald’s Japan “Mega Cartridge” (rough translation). How is it that America is the most obese nation in the world, again? Incidentally, this is what the Japanese think of American cops. And in case you’re thinking, “Well, I’m happy with the quality of the American McD’s”, you might want to check out this article.
– “Hi, I was hoping you could give me breast implants?” “Ok, well, what’s your current cup size and your goal?” “Oh no, you don’t understand, I want them in my head.
– I just got through the first season of “Mad Men” (thank you Hulu!), and let me tell you, as fantastic as the show it (and it’s just as good as I’d heard), having this many ridiculously sexy women in it certainly helps.
Holy. Shit.
– Is it really that easy to get a scientific grant? Because this isn’t the first time that scientists have expended significant amounts of time and money to prove something that everybody already knows.
– You know who I feel for in this video? The people who have to clean up the stadium after TNA Wrestling leaves. I’ve had that job before; a shitton of people throwing chairs in the ring doesn’t help.
– “The National Institute on Drug Abuse is soliciting proposals from qualified organizations having the capability to (1) grow, harvest, analyze, store and distribute GMP grade cannabis (marijuana) on large and small scales; (2) extract cannabis to obtain purified phytocannabinoids including delta-9-tetrahydrocannabinol (delta-9-THC), analyze, and store; (3) prepare marijuana cigarettes and related products; and (4) distribute marijuana, marijuana cigarettes and cannabinoids, and other related products for research and other Government programs upon NIDA authorization.” This is not a joke, people – the federal government is looking for people to grow weed for them.
– This is Amanda. Apparently she’s the hottest community college student in America. Not that I disagree, but if you disagree, just e-mail me your pics at Henok1983@gmail.com.
– In honor of the upcoming NFL/NCAA football season, here’s a bunch of hot women in jerseys and whatnot.
– You know what? I don’t care what you thinking – rewritting theoretical physics theories in experimental operatic form is cool as fuck.
– Hold on, baby – before we start having sex, let me get some liquid condom
– Not much longer till Carnegie Hall is hosting symphonic orgies:

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