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Brett Favre’s Giant, Lazy Ego To Sign With Minnesota Vikings…

…and I couldn’t be more annoyed.

I’d like to say that I didn’t care – and to a certain degree I don’t – but the truth of the matter is I’m beyond sick of Brett Favre and the incipient drama that accompanies him. With Favre and Michael Vick both back in the league, I’m constantly scanning ESPN.com in the fear that I’ll see John Madden standing behind a podium, incoherently shouting banalities about coming back for “the love of the game” while swinging around a turducken leg.
Plus, the more I hear of this story, the more all that old ire I had for 4, that I had finally thought was safe to let go, just comes roaring back. So you’re un-retiring again, and you knew you were gonna come back, but you and management decided to just keep it quiet because you felt like skipping training camp? What about the rest of the team, asshole? What about the QB’s that you’re pushing aside? All this just so you can stick it to the Packers? How fucking petty are you?
As I’m writing this, I’m watching ESPN dive into the story like a pervert into a cheap hooker, just drooling and filthiness flying everywhere, and it’s seriously pissing me off even more. And it’s going to be like this for fucking weeks, if not months. Fantastic.
Serioiusly, fuck Brett Favre. Fuck him in his gunslinging, pick-throwing, pass-forcing overhyped scheming ass. I hope, for his sake and everyone else’s, some Bernard Pollard-player completely shreds his knee and finally ends it, once and for all. I mean, I know I said I’m a fan of zombies, but this is getting ridiculous…

P.S. – Good for a laugh:

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