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Fame is a four letter word

Some interesting things going on in the world today. The statue of limitations on Bush’s illegal wiretapping program ends today, so it looks like that’s one more law that Assholes Inc. (as I like to think of the Bush 43 administration) has gotten away with breaking. The space shuttle Discovery is finally set to launch, at 9:20 PM. Definitely going to be checking that out. Let’s see, what else? It’s the five-year anniversary of the Madrid train bombings, Pink Floyd released their first song today (Arnold Layne)…anything else?
Oh, yeah – it’s my birthday. Smoke a bowl (or blunt, or whatever), raise a toast and send some karmic props my way, for I have survived another year. But don’t worry about getting me a gift or anything; with this economy, I wouldn’t be such a jerk to ask for something as fleeting as physical recompensation for existence. No, this year, I’ve decided to get myself a gift that truly lasts.
This year, I have decided to be famous.
I’m sure that I’m not the only one who’s noticed that being famous takes less and less these days. Honestly, an effective 30-second video on Youtube can do the trick. The tipping point really came with the whole Paris Hilton, “I’m a celebrity because I’m a celebrity” paradox, so I figured, if I say I’m famous…doesn’t that make me famous by proxy? Sort of a Platonic ideal of fame, if you will; an intrinsic celebrity sustained by the self-awareness of one’s own celebrity nature.
So here I am – celebrate me. Or, if that sounds too much like a form of paganism (and a part of me kinda hopes it does, since that would mean you were worshipping me, which would be pretty tight), just put something in the comments wishing me a happy b-day. Or whatever, it doesn’t really matter to me, because I’m famous.
See how easy it is?

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