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I love the Internet (pt. 9)

– See, that’s the difference between me and “regular” people; someone came up with this and thought “wine cellar”. When I saw it? Perfect entrance to my own Batcave.
– Whenever I do these ‘collection’ posts, I try to stay away from too much crazy shit, mostly because there’s way too much of it to sift through. Sometimes, though, the crazy gets so…unique, that I have to bring it up. So, here’s a dragon snake eating a kid – supposedly.
– “Britain’s Boobiest Babes.” I don’t even care that “boobiest” isn’t a word. You know why? Because they ARE Britain’s boobiest babes. Boobs.
– I try not to eat too much fast food since it’s terrible for you, but once I heard of the McGangBang? Had to do it. Although it was a little surprising that I didn’t even have to explain it to the drive-thru attendant. Money quote: “It’s kind of like having a threesome with two ugly chicks. While it’s happening you’re stoked, because hey threesome!!! But once you’re finished it kinda sinks in about what you’ve done.”
– Some of you might have seen a skit on a recent episode of SNL, called ‘Taco Town Tacos‘, and thought, “Hey, that looks good. I wonder how it actually tastes?” Well, wonder no longer.
– Times are tough these days, what with the economy and all. I know I’VE been cutting every single corner I can. So this guide to brewing your own beer? Safe to say it caught my eye.
– It’s amazing how many things are wrong with this story in spite of how short it is. I guess I’ll focus on the most obvious one: how do you not know you’re a man?
– I can only wish I had the resources necessary to take practical jokes to the levels these guys do. Incredible.
– I usually make jokes about the title Miss Universe (I refuse to acknowledge the title until I see a Venusian among the contestants), but damn. Current title holder Dayana Mendoza may very well deserve to be called the hottest woman in the known universe.
– I’m no Hard Harry (Pump Up The Volume, baby!), but I’d like to think that if I could afford the equipment, I’d make a pretty badass DJ. Well, here’s a guide on how to cheaply become the best pirate DJ on your block.
– No. OK? The original Rubik’s Cube was bad enough. But this monstrosity? The Petaminx Dodecahedron? I don’t even want to look at it, much less learn how to make it.
– The eight most horrifying tumors you’ll ever see. Make sure you have a completely empty stomach before you check it out; these people make the Elephant Man look like Brad Pitt.
– Choose ten notes to correspond to integers 1-10. Then play the first 10,000 digits of pi. Can you believe an hot girl I know pointed this site out to me? I think I’m in lust.
– Who doesn’t love hot asian girls? Certainly not the maker of this Vista and/or Google gadget that displays the time with a different girl holding a new sign each minute.
– Zamboni’s are pretty sweet all on their lonesome. So one equipped with a fully-loaded tiki bar and a 454 c.i. Big Block Chevy engine. We wantsssss the Precioussss…we neeeeddsssss the Precioussss. The Ebay auction ends on March 11, which happens to be my b-day, so if anyone’s wondering what to get me…
– Let me tell you something, Don Murphy, if that IS your real name. You don’t talk that way about Comic Book God, you hear me? YOU DON’T DO IT!!
– I really, REALLY miss football:

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