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Weird science – Rat Fart Erections?

Yeah, theyre doin it

Yeah, they're doin' it

A little bit shorter than I would like, but the weirdness more than makes up for it. OK, so in case you didn’t know, the penis is essentially a mass of spongy tissue (packed around a tube) that gets stiff when it’s filled with blood. That’s basically how pills like Enzyte and Viagra claim to give people larger erections, or an erection at all – they just cause more blood to pool down there. How that’s accomplished is that they block an enzyme that destroys nitric oxide (NO); since NO relaxes artery walls, this lets more blood in.
However, hydrogen sulphide (H2S) has also been found to relax artery walls. The reason we now know this? Because experiments have shown that H2S can cause erections in rats. Just think about your job description being “I capture rat farts and inject them back into the rats to see if they’ll get boners.” Anyways, Italian researchers have discovered enzymes that produce this chemical in humans, and are preparing to move ahead with human trials, despite the rather large drawback that erections in rats were achieved by injecting H2S directly into the penis. I think most people would prefer to stick with their pills, thank you.

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