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I love the Internet (pt. 8)

– When homes meet art…wait a minute. Where the hell does he sleep?
– If you’ve never heard of Melissa Theuraiu, do yourself a favor and Google her real quick, because she’s arguably the hottest newscaster in the world. Which makes these pictures that show her husband(?) squirming uncomfortably while she writhes all over him confusing as all hell.
– OK people, I like Wolverine as much as the next guy, but this is just ridiculous…
– I’m just assuming that figuring out who the ten hottest girls in pro surfing are must be remarkably hard. Fun, but hard. And no, I’m not going to make the obvious joke there. You’ll just have to do it yourself.
– Cinematography, in my opinion, is the forgotten deal-breaker for a movie; it can have a great script, talented actors, a big budget and all that, but if the cinematography is no good, the whole movie feels…fake. With that in mind, the long take can be the hardest, but most fulfilling technique to pull off, which is why this list of the best long takes in movie history is awesome, in my mind.
– The prototypical Natalie Portman.
– I’m not sure what’s more surprising about this collection of the craziest restaurants in the world; that none of them are in the US, or that they’re not all in Japan.
– My friend Josh is a die-hard Halo fan. This is the woman of his dreams. Now we’ve just got to figure out a way to get him to England.
– Attention, everybody! Apparently a hot millionaire CEO MILF is on the prowl for a new man. In case you’re interested, a little tip for you – sending her pictures of yourself wearing nothing but a whip-cream bikini? Not a winning plan. Especially if your nipples look like this.
– I enjoy soccer, but I’ve mentioned before that I have various issues with “the beautiful game.” So what did this guy do? Take a bunch of pictures of hot Chinese women playing soccer on a muddy field in nothing but tiny bras and panties. Bravo, sir. Bravo.
– Why the hell are all the cool buildings not near me? Like this place, Hallgrimskirkja (even the name’s badass). This is a CHURCH. And not a church for someone like Thor, either – this is supposed to be a church for God. All I have to say to that, is that if they built churches like this where I live, I might go more often.
– There’s no way this is real, right? I mean…that’s got to be bullshit. That would HAVE to make the news if it were real.
– You know why I want the FMG9 semi-automatic? Because I’ve seen a ton of horror flicks where the good guys are only armed with flashlights and shovels and stuff, while the bad guys have all this crazy weaponry. Well, I’ve got a flashlight that folds out into a gun. Where is your Leatherface now?
– A little advice, boston.com. When you write an article about a guy who gets paid $2,000 a day to paint ridiculously hot naked Brazilian women during Carnival, and your title is “Best job in Brazil?”…just go ahead and drop the question mark. Trust me.
– A collection of pictures showing what people in 1910 thought life in the year 2000 would be like. Let’s see here – rollerblades? Check. Firemen with robotic bat wings? Um, no.
– I remember when I saw the Kegerator for the first time. I thought to myself, “A mini-fridge with an insulated hole in the top for the tap? Genius!” I didn’t think anything could top that. Well, I present to you, the beer-launching robot fridge.

  1. June 27, 2011 at 12:02 am

    jejr don’t know how you fooled me with the nipple pick !
    but I was looking for http://www.big-bra.com

  1. March 3, 2009 at 1:21 pm

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