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Barbie’s slutty older sister…

I was thinking of adding this to my next “I Love The Internet” post, but after going over this page for a few minutes, and just absorbing the info on it, I just wanted to throw say a little something about the whole prospect of advanced sex doll technology. That’s right…sex dolls.
Now, I understand how sexual frustration can start fucking with your head sometimes; OH, how I understand. And if you want to go down this road – – that’s fine, you know? Hey, just means more women to turn me down at two in the morning after I spent damn near thirty bucks so you can get your drink on, and now you’re going home with that jerk in the bright pink Ed Hardy shirt who looks like he took a bath in a tub full of tanning lotion and fell asleep in a rotisserie grill…sorry. Got a little off track. Anyway, like I was saying, you want to spend $100 on a giant fuckable condom, you go right ahead. I won’t look at you different.
But now things are getting out of hand. In case you haven’t clicked on the above link, let me give you a little taste:

The $7000 sex slave you’ve always wanted. Comes with holes in all the right places, custom chosen pubic hair style, color, size. You can change facial expressions and make her look like she actually likes your penis in her custom built a-hole. Hell, you can make her look like that chick next door you’ve always wanted to bang but never asked out. Possibilities are practically endless.

SEVEN THOUSAND DOLLARS?! Let me see if I fully understand; no viable space tourism, no cure for AIDS or cancer, no teleportation (see here for a post on that), no flying cars…but I can spend seven G’s on a plastic fuck buddy! Insane. I mean, just thinking about it logically, if you’re the type of person who buys a sex doll, you’re probably thinking that for whatever reason, you can’t get a real girl, right? Sure, some people might be saying that it’s more “won’t” get a real girl, but I figure the percent of people who prefer 100% latex or whatever to a real girl is so small that it’s negligible, so the majority are thinking that they can’t get a girl. I think that this quote answers that best: “Spend the seven grand on a hot chick. Hot chicks respond better to $7000 than high grade silicone rubber.” Word.

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  1. Ted
    March 2, 2009 at 5:36 pm

    Ha. Thanks for the comments on my shit dude. Do know that if people resort to high-tech sex dolls in the future, or like virtual reality sex, we share the real women. Me and you. I get the blonds.

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