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I love the Internet (pt. 7)

– One of the best graphic novels nobody’s talking about, World War Z, is being made into a movie. So if you’re interested in an epic-level war between the last remaining world governments and a seemingly-endless horde of zombies, go ahead and check out this artwork.
– The seven sexiest celebrity potheads. Not that surprising overall, although Minka Kelly was a very pleasant surprise.
– This story’s a little old, but when a real-life Daredevil passes away, I feel like it should at least be mentioned, regardless of whether or not it’s “recent.”
– If they’re even putting kids in jail over petty shit here in Florida, it is beyond time for me to move.
– A nice little photo gallery dedicated to the cheerleaders of the National Champion Florida Gators. Sweet.
– For those who truly have NO LIFE whatsoever, take a half-hour to consider who you should vote in the ultimate showdown to decide who the best fictional girlfriend is.
– Wow. It’s true what they say, flexibility is almost never overrated.
– Now, don’t get me wrong; I love big boobs. To be honest, I love boobs of all kinds: big, small, pert and perky or soft and droopy (slightly). I just prefer proportion. The problem, though, is that women know that men love big boobs, and some take it to a point where the boobs aren’t as much attractive in a “hot” way as much as “watching a car-wreck” way.
– So, funny story. Some of you may have heard about the Chinese government taking credit for the recent snowfall, claiming to have seeded the clouds with “various chemicals.” Completely safe, I’m sure. Anyways, turns out that creating said snowstorm led to 12 highways closing down. Whoops…
– “Warning: Zombies Ahead!” If you see this on an electronic road sign, it’s been hacked. If you haven’t seen anything like that, and would like to know how to pull this off, here you go.
– I had a dream, once. A dream of a food so incredible, that the mere birth of the idea of it sent psychic shockwaves through the culinary world. Sous chefs and critics awoke in a cold sweat, and as one they looked towards the south, acknowledging that it had been born. Behold – the Bacon Explosion.
– A horror story to all men throughout the world, a woman gives birth to twins, twiceWHILE ON THE PILL!!!.
– I only recently got into watching “Friday Night Lights”, and I’ve been pleasantly surprised to find that it’s just as good as people have been saying it is; at least, so far. But one thing that stuck out to me immediately, is how fine a lot of these women are. It’s crazy! In case you don’t believe me, here’s a gallery of them. If you were wondering, my favorite is Minka Kelly.
– What the hell, people? I don’t know if I’m feeling this way out of aggrivation in a purely aeshetic sense, or if I’m just being generationally territorial, but I have had it with toys, cartoons and whatever else from my youth getting “upgraded” for kids nowadays. The latest victim to fall? Legos, that are probably going to turn into sentient mini-robots. Shit, they’ll probably snap themselves into place now.
– OK, let’s see…hot, blonde Australian chick with serious guitar skills and a sexy accent? I think we’ll call that a win:
And just for shits and giggles, one of my favorite videos from one of my favorite groups:

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