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Another season ends

Well, here it is; the Super Bowl. Cardinals v. Steelers. Wish it were Buccaneers v. Steelers, but whatever. There’s always next year. But before that can come, this season has to come to a close. Of course, football never really ends. People are already making up mock drafts (like this jerk here) and getting ready for the Combine. And don’t forget about the fantasy players. Personally, I love this part of football almost as much as the regular season. Almost.
What this really is, is an end to the action. No more Sunday shit-talking with your friends, munching on BBQ right of the grill. No more brand-new “ESPN Top 10” countdowns that are all football plays. No more hilarious post-game interviews that become instant Internet memes. It’s all gone, until August.
And sure, there’s other sports. I’m a big basketball fan (go Magic); in some ways, it might even be more fun that football, because it’s easier to get people together to play it. But that’s almost halfway through, too, and then it’s only baseball. Pass on that, thank you very much. Ditto on the track-and-field, hockey, NASCAR and golf. Soccer’s fun, but it doesn’t get near enough coverage here in the US. Tennis is straight.
Still, there’s nothing like the weekly life-and-death intensity in a football game. Europeans always try how rugby’s badass because they don’t wear pads and shit, and they don’t have plays. I tried to watch a couple of rugby games once. Looked like a bunch of drunk punks trying to play soccer and fight each other at the same time. Football is like a chess match played at 250 mph. There’s no comparison.
And after tonight, it’s over for six months.

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