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Apparently, life really is an illusion

This theory has been kicking around since the early 90’s, but recent experiments in Germany may provide evidence towards the theory that we are all in fact living in a hologram. You should actually read the article to get the full idea of what’s being discussed, but the basic distillation is: black holes (stars which have collapsed under their own weight and have become gravitational singularities) actually give off something called Hawking radiation, and eventually dissipate and disappear. However, Hawking radiation doesn’t give off any information, which is known as the black hole information paradox. Scientists since then have shown that microscopic quantum ripples at the event horizon (the theoretical limit of no-return) can encode the information inside the black hole, explaining the strange lack of information. This led to another insight, that “the 3D information about a precursor star can be completely encoded in the 2D horizon of the subsequent black hole – not unlike the 3D image of an object being encoded in a 2D hologram”. There’s a lot more to it, but again, I highly recommend the article.
The real question here, is what does this mean concerning our conception of the physical world around us? It’s traditionally taught that we exist in dimensions of height, weight and volume; if in fact volume is an illusion created by our minds to better process the sensory information around us, and everything in volume is an expression of a two-dimensional plane of information, what does that mean concerning the relativity of light? Also, this is all dependent on the theory that the foundation of the universe isn’t matter or energy, but information.
And here’s another interesting aspect; current computer theoreticians already claim that the next step in data storage is holographic storage. The reality is far more technical, but the results would be something like 100 terabytes on an old-school 3.5 floppy. But what’s the difference between a unit using holographic storage methods to hold immense amounts of data, and this theoretical view of reality? How does this lend itself towards the idea of 2D realities stacked on each other like hard drives? The theory that we’re all just unwitting NPC’s in some sort of higher-level MMORPG has been making the rounds for years; is this just helping to prove that? It’s all just fascinating.

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  1. pochp
    January 26, 2009 at 9:53 am

    The greatest philosophers have all ready said that everything is an illusion thousands of years before. But this one from Einstein surprised me:

    ‘Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one’.

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