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I love the Internet (pt. 5)

– Mine eyes have seen the glory of bacon chocolate cupcakes.
– Behold, the resume of a generation frustrated with a shitty economy and a glut of baby boomers who won’t go and fucking retire already: “Fine, Don’t Fucking Hire Me, You Can’t Handle My Shit Anyway.”
– “Hey, you’re listening to TFM Radio, the station that rocks the nation, here with our next caller in our ‘Weirdest thing you’ve eaten’ contest! What’s the weirdest thing YOU’VE eaten?” “Little girls.” “…uh…we have a winner!”
– I have absolutely zero idea who Jillian Beyor is, but she fills out a bikini really, really nicely.
– Did you know that if you combine ammonia and coffee grounds you get something like methamphetamine-lite? How messed up is it that this is legal, but this isn’t?
– Jesus, people. Have we really come to the point where people are posting how-to’s for homemade vaginas? Really?
– I’ll be honest; I’ve had a crush on Rosario Dawson since “He Got Game”, so this photo shoot with her looking insanely hot and showing off the girls…yeah, it got my attention.
– Here’s an interesting philosophical question for you: if you take a M-110 sniper rifle, mount an iPod touch with music and targeting capabilities on it, and walk down a crowded street shooting indiscriminatly at people, how exactly is that different from GTA? Just a hypothetical.
– OK…I don’t support kids beating on their parents by any means, but at least when you’re in a real city like NY or Chicago, the kids aren’t messing around. They use, like, bats and shit. Here in Orlando? Tacos. Sigh.
– Why the hell do all the good things in life happen to other people? Seriously, I want to know.
– I have absolutely no interest in American Idol, but apparently some superhot chick named Casey Carlson showed up looking all hot and shit. Lo and behold, a sexy bikini photo shoot less than a week later! Man, it’s really easy to predict things sometimes.
– I’m sorry, but was anyone else completely unaware that Oprah did coke back in the 1980’s? What? OK, first of all, I can’t believe that I never put it together before now (seriously, all those weight swings? And she’s always so hyped in commercials, she looks like she’s about to pass out). Second, why weren’t people going, “Wait a minute – Oprah smoked rock?” That’s how you know people love Oprah.
– For maximum alcoholic effect, a list of the 55 most regrettable-drunken-sex causing beers on the market.
– “Hey man, you ever taught a class?” “Uh…yeah?” “You ever taught a class on weed?

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