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I love the Internet (pt. 4)

– This is the sort of thing that’s liable to happen when people have easy access to Java reference guides and hallucinogens.
– “So how much do you charge to paint a house? $75 per hour? Yeah, that seems fair.”
– A Texas man, apparently having exhausted all other options, pursues the rarely-used “CRAZY AS FUCK” defense.
– When I saw this article about a class teaching computer geeks to flirt, I laughed my ass off. Then I spent the next 20 minutes trying to figure out a way to sign up. Then I spent the rest of the day feeling sorry for myself.
– In case you ever wondered how frustrating it can be to create any sort of computer program, here’s a list of the expletives found in Netscape.
– Looks like new Blur and Gorillaz albums are on the horizon; here’s a link to three demo versions of new Gorillaz songs.
– What “Pimp My Ride” might look like in the 31st-and-a half century.
– I honestly don’t give a crap about whatever currently-popular hipster Katy Perry is pumping out on the radio; to be honest, I haven’t bothered with the music side of radio in years. But I will say this – she fills out a bikini nice.
– Regular World: Boy doesn’t do homework, teacher gives him detention. Insane China: Boy doesn’t do homework, teacher RIPS HIS CHEEK OFF.
– Yeah, for relaxation you can’t beat a nice fishing tr-HOLY GOD WHAT THE HELL IS THAT?
– Some of you may have heard about that college student who was auctioning off her virginity to raise funds for tuition. Well, bidding has almost reached $4 million. Here’s what I don’t get: I wouldn’t pay $4 million to sleep with a woman if she was the greatest fuck in the history of time; why would I spend that much for someone who has absolutely no idea what they’re doing?
– OK folks…I didn’t think I was going to have to actually tell you this, but apparently some of you geniuses haven’t figured this out, so listen up. STOP PUTTING THINGS IN YOUR PENIS.
– Jesus. Even the second-string Victoria Secret models are mind-blowingly hot.
– I have no idea who Taylor Corso is (God, please let her somehow be related to Lee Corso), but she’s 19 and highly fuckable, so go ahead and add these photos to your spank bank.
– It’s a well-known fact that everyone does at least one life-alteringly stupid and embarrassing thing in high school. For most people, it’s something like asking out the most popular girl in school in front of everyone; for others, it’s splitting their pants in the middle of the lunchroom. This Rhodes Scholar decided to make a video of him eating the hottest pepper in the world, little realizing that while drinking milk and eating bread might ease the burn when you’re dealing with some pussy jalapenos, it’s probably not going to do the trick when you’re eating something so insanely hot, that according to the almighty Wikipedia “one seed from a Naga Jolokia can produce sustained intense pain sensations in the mouth for up to 30 minutes before subsiding.” One seed. Enjoy watching the future of our nation.

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