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Urban Meyer is the best coach in the nation…

It’s undeniable. It’s inarguable. When you get 2 national championships in 3 years, and they’ve been in your second and fourth year, that means you’ve won with your predecessor’s players and your players. That means, even if you’ve recruited effectively enough that your players match your system as well as humanly possible (Tim Tebow is essentially an evolutionary version of Alex Smith, and Percy Harvin, Jeff Demps, Chris Rainey et al. are all gamebreakes), that the perception is that the cause of the success is you. I’ll  have video later, when it’s available, but I just wanted to mention how the Gators delivered a superlatively steady and driven performance. If Tim Tebow went into the draft right now, he’d probably be a 2nd-3rd round pick, and I don’t understand why. He’s a big, effective quarterback that wins – I could see him being another Ben Roethlisburger. But it would be partially dependant on who drafted him; if it’s Detroit, kiss that sorry bastard goodbye. But if he goes into a situation where he could flourish, like Chicago, or Minnesota or even San Francisco, he could be an immediate impact player, just from his running aspect alone. Maybe I’m just overly impressed because I’ve had many beers,  but Tebow’s the man. And Percy Harvin, I am so sorry, but you just caught crazy Al Davis’ eye. It was fun watching you, and I’ll have fond  memories, but once you put on that silver and black you might as well be playing the Canadian League for all the national coverage you’ll be getting. Huge win for Urban Meyer, but now the constant naysayers have a new question: who’s going to take Tebow’s place when he eventually moves on the NFL? Cameron Newton looked like he might be the one, until he got arrested for stealing a teammates laptop, and then throwing it out the window in an attempt to avoid being caught. So, he wasn’t particularly smart. But backups Andrew Blaylock and John Brantley are untested, and either will arguably be a drop-off from Tebow’s spectacular play. But that’s a question that can wait.

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