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I love the Internet (pt. 2)

– Who doesn’t love monster trucks? Especially seemingly-miniature monster trucks that are actually life size?
– Hey, jackass! Are you tired of walking around looking at everyday, crappy reality? You know what your sorry ass needs? Some goddamn HD Vision glasses, that’s what.
– If you’ve ever come out on the wrong end of a 12-hour gaming session, and suddenly realized that you’ve got an hour to write a 10-page essay and e-mail it to your professor, File Destructor is your new best friend.
– Here’s a quiz for the unreasonably competitive geek in your life. Before you ask, yes, I did quiz myself.
– Some people like to start out the new year by assessing precisely where they are in life: measurements, bank account, etc. Now those people can add another metric: how much could I charge someone to have sex with me?
– I don’t know who the hell Sammy Braddy is, but apparently British tabloid Zoo Magazine proclaimed her to have the “best boobs in Britain.” I’m not saying it’s true, and I’m not saying it’s false. I’m just saying you need to check out this chick’s rack. Seriously.
– Every so often, someone with no life devotes an unbelievable amount of time and effort creating something that appeals to their own “unique” interests. Thanks to the Internet, rather than fester in someone’s garage for a decade or two, these entertaining (if embarassing) creations can be quickly exposed to the light of day. And so, I give you Thundercats: The Movie.

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