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I love the Internet (pt.1)

* If I had an actual invisibility cloak? I’d probably make my way into this picture.
* In case you were wondering, this is what my future ex-girlfriend will look like.
* Well what did you think Cheney had a man-sized safe in his office for? To not hide incriminating evidence in it?
* Is there something wrong with me when my first thought after seeing this was, “Man, it must be really comfortable playing video games in that,” immediately followed by, “Man, it must be really comfortable having sex in that”?
* According to a recent U.S. study, weight loss is more effective when there’s a financial reward instead of the usual “you’ll feel better” reward. The study also showed that sex is more enjoyable when performed with an attractive person, and that researchers are more inclined to waste money testing obvious hypotheses.
* Got a story in your head, but no money to make it into a movie? Xtranormal allows you to type in a scene, then watch as it’s transformed into an animated short film.
* Last, but not least, the remix of the year:

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