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I start to think, and then I sink…

Ok, so…

When I first decided to write a blog, I agonized over it, drawing up idea maps and writing schedules and all sorts of stuff. Then, after a half-hour of that, I tossed everything out. I decided on the name Twisted Cultural Wreckage because that’s what we all are now. Symbiotic mashups of cultural memes and 15-minute news cycles, disembodied fragments of easily-digestible ideas hastily fit together, hoping that a thin veneer of pop-culture knowledge covers up the jagged contradictions we try not to look at too closely. Plus, I thought it sounded cool, so that’s nice.

I guess my point is, I’m not planning on this being some sort of manifesto for later acolytes to one day worship and study (Note: Just because I’m not planning on it doesn’t mean I’m against it actually happening, so if anyone out there on the interwebs wants to start worshipping, by all means, praise away) – in fact, I’m not planning on anything. This is just going to be a place I go to say something about anything, whether it’s sports, news, politics, entertainment, tech news, or some random shit that just happened to me. The only thing that might be considered as a rule is that everything is open. I might say something you don’t like, and that’s cool, and you might say something in the comments that I don’t like, and that’s cool too. But at the end of the day, anything I put in here, I stand by. Unless you convince me otherwise.

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