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In the distance, a rumbling was heard…

When I first decided to start a blog, I wasn’t sure what my first post should be? Do I craft a manifesto describing my blog goals? Sketch out some sort of schedule? Then I remembered that I’m a chronic procrastinator. So, instead, here’s some Sunday ramblings.

– Who I like in the NFL today: Atlanta, New England, Cincinnatti, Green Bay, Indy, Minnesota, New Orleans, Pittsburgh, Tampa Bay, Houston, NY Jets, Philly, Seattle, San Francisco, Baltimore, Denver.

– Just in case you thought Bush was harmless and on his way out, here’s a list of the ways the Bush administration is screwing people over with one foot out the door.
– One of my favorite bloggers, Ta-Nehesi Coates, putting in his two cents concerning the Rick Warren furor.
– When I was about 12, the Nintendo 64 was the ultimate in video game systems. Now people are building handheld versions and putting the instructions online.
– If I ever feel the need to go Grand Theft Auto on that ass, or indeed a host of asses, I plan on doing the deed in Leoben, home of the tightest prison in the world.

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